Big Plants

A complete list of all the large plants in the world.

Typical Tamil Tastes

The Tamil word for powder is podi, and this South Indian spice blend is usually labeled “sambar powder” (or sambaar or sambhar) in Indian grocery stores. A classic sambar blend starts with dried chiles and coriander seeds and adds cumin, black pepper, and various dals, or dry-roasted dried lentils—typically chana, toor, or urad dal; a

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Tasty Tabil

Tabil is a hot, aromatic Tunisian spice mix used to season a wide range of dishes. The word tabil means “coriander,” and that is one of the main ingredients, along with dried garlic, chile, and caraway; some blends also contain cumin or other spices, and sweet peppers are occasionally included. Tabil is similar to harissa,

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