A Perfect multi-spice seasoning blend

Also known as seven-flavor or seven-spice mix, shichimi togarashi is a Japanese seasoning mixture that can be very hot or relatively mild, depending on the proportion of chile included (togarashi means “red pepper flakes”). The seven ingredients are red pepper flakes, sansho pepper, black or white sesame seeds, black poppy seeds (or hemp or rape seeds), white poppy seeds, dried orange or tangerine peel, and ground nori (dried seaweed). The texture is fairly coarse, with some of the sesame seeds left whole and tiny bits of dried citrus peel throughout, and the aroma is primarily of chiles, with a faint citrus undertone. In Japan, shichimi togarashi is sprinkled over noodles and added to soups and a variety of other dishes. It is also used as a table condiment, to be sprinkled over tempura, udon or soba noodles, and other preparations as desired.